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Our Mission

Woman with a skirt. The print reads: 'This is how we do it'

Driven by the personal desire to have a more effective and smarter online search experience for fashion products, we had the idea to develop a global "one stop" fashion search engine.

Instead of being overloaded with thousands of different products from hundreds of fragmented online shops, we wanted to offer online shoppers the possibility to find only the products that are relevant to them, with a clear focus on individual product categories. In our case - luxury handbags.

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We at ABOVED. believe that buying a luxury handbag is something very special and want to support our customers in the best possible way. Finding the coveted luxury bag quickly, globally and at the best possible price is our mission.

No matter where the rare piece is currently offered, be it in Japan or France. Our customers receive a list of all available models worldwide, around the clock and within seconds.

Find beloved bags. Around the world. In seconds.