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Are only current collections offered in the shop?

Are only original products sold in the shop?

How can I be sure that the bags sold are not fakes?

I am looking for a specific model. What is the fastest way to find my favorite bag?

Do we offer second-hand bags?

What is the difference between 'new' and 'as good as new'?

What kind of bags are listed on ABOVED*?

How is it guaranteed that I can always shop at the cheapest price?


How does ABOVED* ensure that the dealers/shops are reputable?

Are the merchands from Germany?

If the retailer is located abroad, are there any additional customs fees?

Do I get an order confirmation?

Can I secure my order? (e.g. through Trusted Shops?)


Which payment methods are offered?

How high is the VAT rate?

Does ABOVED* also offer payment by installments?

Delivery & Returns:

If you have any questions about the delivery and return of a designer handbag you bought, please read the terms and conditions of our partner.


Who is my contractual partner? Do I buy directly from ABOVED*?

If the provisions of the GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act being followed?


I am a customer and have a question about ABOVED*. Through which channels can I contact you?

I am a member of the press and have a question about ABOVED*.

I am a supplier of designer bags and would like to order my products via ABOVED*.