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The success story of the Louis Vuitton brand began in Paris at the end of the 19th century. After successfully completing his apprenticeship, the young Vuitton advanced to become a virtuoso in his field and a world-renowned entrepreneur. In 1859, the company's headquarters were established in Asnières, where, in keeping with the old tradition, individual pieces sewn by hand in special designs are still produced today.

Understatement and luxury

Louis Vuitton became famous for his groundbreaking invention of the Tumbler lock, which revolutionized the suitcase trade. The patent is still used today and could not be cracked even by the great Houdini, who was famous for his unleashes. To this day, Louis Vuitton still makes luggage in all sizes, including wardrobe trunks. The unmistakable monogram Canvas, which is still the trademark of Louis Vuitton today, was created by his son Georges and is still considered a symbol of understatement and luxury. The Louis Vuitton brand is now one of the ten most valuable fashion labels in the world.

High-quality cult bags at a fair price

The first Louis Vuitton bag "Noè" was launched in 1932. Originally intended as a means of transport for exactly five bottles of champagne, the "Noè" is now considered a classic among designer bags. The popular pouch was recently relaunched at home. With the NéoNoé pouch, the Louis Vuitton company is reinterpreting a design by Gaston-Louis Vuitton from 1932, proving that good design and style are timeless. The classic elegance of Louis Vuitton handbags, combined with high-quality materials and first-class workmanship, as well as a dash of innovation, therefore appeal to a broad target group yesterday and today.

Since 2007 another cult bag has been beaming in the designer sky. As a tribute to the founder, the "Neverfull" was created, a bag that can literally never be overfilled and is now one of the most sold bags of the label in various designs and sizes. Prices around 1.000 Euro make the IT-Bag affordable. The other models of the elegant initials are also still within reach for up to 3,000 euros. Accessories are even available for under 1,000 euros. In view of the high-quality materials, such as the finest epi and taiga leather developed especially for Louis Vuitton, the excellent workmanship and attention to detail, the result is a good price-performance ratio for an absolute luxury product.

Your own personal Louis Vuitton bag

Special service of the label Louis Vuitton are custom-made products and personalized bags. If you love expressing yourself creatively (like we do), you can order your very own personal Louis Vuitton luggage collection. Price on request, of course. On the other hand, the design of your choice for selected models is somewhat cheaper. Under the motto "Now Yours", the Speedy and Neverfull bags can be individually embellished with a rich selection of colour stripes, initials and picture motifs. There are 18 colour shades available for the lining. This makes the Louis Vuitton bag a very personal and yet timeless favourite and reflects the personality of its wearer in a unique way.

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