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The name Chanel stands for timeless elegance, femininity, classic design and pure luxury. Hardly any designer can compete with her: Coco Chanel is still considered the fashion icon today and her creations are world famous. Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel opened her first store, a hat salon, in 1910, thus founding a fashion empire that not only stands for the "Little Black" and probably the most famous perfume in the world, "Chanel No 5", but has also achieved cult status with its extensive bag archive. Hardly any other fashion label can boast as many cult bags as Chanel.

Classic design, cult factor

It all started with the Chanel "2.55", which Coco Chanel created in February 1955 and whose design was considered rebellious and impractical, because it was the first ladies' handbag to come with a shoulder strap. A scandal in those days. But women loved this detail, the shoulder strap gave them an unprecedented freedom to move their hands freely, and many thoughtful details, such as a hidden zipper pocket and a narrow compartment for storing lipstick, were captivating. The design of the "2.55" has remained virtually unchanged to this day. In 1983 Karl Lagerfeld took over as chief designer at Chanel and created a new edition of the "2.55", the "11.12" or "Classic" follows the original design, adds only additional leather in the chain strap to the cult handbag and replaces the twist lock with the well-known CC lock.

Chanel bags as an investment

Karl Lagerfeld led the house of Chanel into a new era. Not only did he further develop the classic tweed costume, but with bags like the "Boy Capel", which is given a surprising new edition every season, he created the "Gabrielle", the label's first unisex handbag, and the "Grand Shopping Tote" classics, which are still unparalleled today. When the "Grand Shopping Tote" (GST) was discontinued in 2015, lovers of the spacious and elegant bag could hardly believe their misfortune. In the meantime, second-hand models of the GST are fetching exorbitant prices on the second-hand bag market.

However, those prices are also called for new goods. Those who want to adorn themselves with a Chanel handbag should have a well-padded bank account. The average price for a Chanel designer handbag is between 4,000 and 6,000 euros. Smaller models are already available from around 2,400 euros. Vintage classics are usually offered at lower prices. Since Chanel bags usually survive many years of use very well due to the high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, fine bargains are rather rare here. Whether made of leather or fabric - a Chanel handbag is already considered a valuable investment today. The ski lift bag from the last collection of the star designer is likely to be a special highlight. The limited edition bags are already being traded as collector's items.

If you own a Chanel bag, you should also show it. Whether with jeans or the "little black one" - the wearer always radiates elegance, style and self-confidence. A Chanel bag is not just a bag, it is an attitude to life.

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