We improve your Sales engine.

Aboved* is a monothematic search engine for luxury handbags and designer bags. We curate and structure millions of products from the world ́s top brands & shops. With 150.000+ handbags and counting, from hundreds of the world's leading fashion brands and shops. Aboved* combines the largest online inventory of luxury and contemporary handbags.
„We strive to become the new premier partner for brand- and retailer online shops. Our highly specialized search engine for luxury handbags sends pre-qualified online shoppers directly to your shop to improve your sales engine.“
Ruben Asmus - undefined
Ruben Asmus
We are looking to partner with innovative, fashion-conscious and stylish brands, websites and blogs from all over the world - especially those who have a certain range of designer handbags. We want to invite you to participate in our global mission and affiliate program.


We target 3.6 billion generation Y&Z online shoppers worldwide.
We were able to achieve a conversion rate of 8%+ with our first prototype.
We expect to generate 1 Mio.+ monthly visitors by 12/2021.
We are Laser Focused and send you highly qualified leads.
We ́ll supply you with relevant data & insights to support your market research & analysis

Become a Partner

Option 1:

Affiliate Program

We sign-up to your existing affiliate program as an affiliate partner. No fixed costs, purely CPA based.
Option 2:

Direct Partnership

In case you do not have or do not take part in an existing affiliate program, you can partner directly with us based on our technology. No fixed costs, purely CPA based.